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You Are Here: California Stories on the Map

Showcasing a diverse range of maps from Oakland, the Bay Area, and California—from environmental surroundings and health conditions to community perspectives and creative artworks—this exhibit explores how maps can be a powerful tool to share unique points of view and imagine a better future.

As both the exhibit designer and graphic designer, I lead all parts the design from concept to installation. I worked closely with the content team to design an exhibition that felt fresh and engaging. This exhibit space sits within the larger Natural Sciences Gallery, so we wanted it to have a strong, cohesive identity.

  • Role Lead Exhibit Designer, 3D and 2D

  • For Oakland Museum of California

  • Date 2020

  • Type 3D and 2D Exhibit Design | Furniture Design | Mechanical Interactives | Sustainable Materials

  • Collaborators Sarah Seiter, Curator; Penny Jennings, Experience Developer; Andy Zevallos, Lead Preprator

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